Welcome to JAMES MARSDEN FAN, your ultimate fan sourse for the talented and handsome American actor James Marsden. James is best known for his roles on X-Men movies, Superman Returns, Hairspray, Enchanted, 27 Dresses and TV series Ally McBeal. And he's currently starring in HBO's new TV series Westworld. Here you will find latest news, photos and videos of James. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to contact me if you've got any questions.

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May 30th

Photos from F1 Grand Prix of Monaco added

Crayen      news ,photo      0 Comments

Jimmy attended the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco at Circuit de Monaco in Monte-Carlo, Monaco on May 28. I’ve uploaded 12 HQ photos from this event to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.28]F1 Grand Prix of Monaco (HQ)

May 26th

Photos from amfAR Cannes Gala 2023 added

Crayen      news ,photo      0 Comments

Jimmy attended the amfAR Cannes Gala 2023 at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes, France yesterday. I’ve uploaded 41 HQ photos from this event to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.25]amfAR Cannes Gala 2023 (HQ)

May 25th

Photos from Aston Martin DB12 Launch added

Crayen      news ,photo      0 Comments

Jimmy attended the launch of the new Aston Martin DB12 at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes in Cannes yesterday. I’ve uploaded 3 HQ photos from this event to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.24]Aston Martin DB12 Launch (HQ)

May 19th

James Marsden on playing a douchebag version of himself in Jury Duty: “I wish I could tell you that I didn’t enjoy it”

Crayen      interview      0 Comments

In Amazon Freevee’s runaway hit Jury Duty, James Marsden plays James Marsden. But he’s not the James Marsden who has earned himself a reputation as Hollywood’s jovial song-and-dance man and charm personified. No, this James Marsden is an asshole.

The series revolves around Ronald Gladden, a man who believes he is taking part in your run-of-the-mill documentary taking people behind the scenes of sitting on a jury. The catch, however, is that everything is entirely fake. The trial? Fake. The lawyers and judge? Fake. The jury of his peers, including James Marsden playing a satirical, egotistical of himself called up to do his civic duty like us regular schmoes? Fake. All that’s real is Ronald.

Everything in Ronald’s orbit has been orchestrated by a team of comedy writers and producers running proceedings like the epicentre of a NASA space station. While outlines of each episode were laid out for the players, the improvised scripts evolved in real-time as the action reacted to Ronald’s movements and decisions. The result is eight episodes of long-form improvisation that feel akin to watching train tracks getting laid as a carriage is speeding away. Miraculously, it’s pulled off to create one of the most original and, surprisingly, given the logline of the series, kind-hearted television conceits in years.

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May 19th

Photos from W Magazine photoshoot added

Crayen      photo      0 Comments

I’ve uploaded 6 HQ photos from the W Magazine photoshoot to the gallery.

Photoshoot Outtakes > Magazine Outtakes > Daniel Jack Lyons Photoshoot 2023 for W

May 19th

James Marsden Refuses to Take Himself Too Seriously

Crayen      interview      0 Comments

“I’m going to try the Katsu burger, but I’m going to do it like the classic Hollywood actor, without the bun,” James Marsden says with a self-aware laugh from the seat across from me at Kimika, in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan. This I have come to know as classic Marsden: someone who isn’t just comfortable skewering the perception of an entitled, ego-centric actor, but who frickin’ loves to do it.

He sits in a posture that’s somehow relaxed and attentive, his eye contact so disarming that I now acutely understand why PopSugar once did a story titled “32 Times James Marsden Looked Drop-Dead, Disney-Prince Hot.” In fact, I’m ready to add a 33rd time. Marsden is commonly approached on the street with the line, “Aren’t you the guy from…?” He waits as fans shuffle through the possibilities: Cyclops in four X-Men films? Corny Collins in Hairspray? The other guy in The Notebook? They often come up short, but he doesn’t mind. There’s a playful, easy-going nature to Marsden that’s surprising given the three decades he’s spent working in an industry known for chewing up and spitting out its actors.

Take, for instance, an idea he has to start his own tequila company that’s really a satire on the self-seriousness of some of his contemporaries. “I want it to be the shittiest tequila I can find,” he explains with the same child-like glee he displayed as Prince Eric in several Enchanted films. “Plastic bottle with a piece of masking tape on it that says ‘Tequila’ and it’s $6 a liter. ‘This tastes like shit. Marsden’s Tequila. But it’ll get you fucked up.’”

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May 14th

Photos from SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations added

Crayen      photo      0 Comments

Jimmy attended the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations – “Jury Duty” event at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Screening Room in Los Angeles on May 12. I’ve uploaded 57 high quality photos from this event to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.12]SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations – “Jury Duty” Event (HQ)

May 5th

Gallery updates

Crayen      photo      0 Comments

I’ve uploaded some high quality photos from recent events to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.04.25]Amazon Freevee’s “Jury Duty” Finale Celebration (HQ)
Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.01]Amazon NewFronts 2023 (HQ)
Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.01]”The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'” (HQ)
Public Appearances > 2023 Appearances > [2023.05.03]The IWC Chrono Challenge (HQ)

Apr 28th

Watch James Marsden Surprise ‘Jury Duty’ Star Ronald Gladden With Message From Ben Schwartz

Crayen      news ,video      Comments Off on Watch James Marsden Surprise ‘Jury Duty’ Star Ronald Gladden With Message From Ben Schwartz

After breakout star Ronald Gladden and actor James Marsden appeared on the hit Amazon Freevee series, Jury Duty, the two reunited for ET as they revisited their time together on the documentary-style reality series. And Marsden also came with a surprise for Gladden — one that called back to one of their very first interactions about the actor’s co-star, Ben Schwartz.

On the show, Gladden thought he was participating in a documentary about what it is like to be on an American jury, only to learn at the end of his experience the entire thing was fake. Everything from the case, to his fellow jurors and even Marsden, who played a heightened version of himself who found himself stuck in the jury pool.

Very early on in the show, Gladden and Marsden got to talking about his acting career as the two waited to be interviewed as part of the jury selection process. After learning Marsden was in Sonic the Hedgehog, Gladden revealed he was a big fan of Schwartz, who voiced Sonic in the 2020 film adaptation, much to the chagrin of the 49-year-old actor.

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Apr 23rd

‘Jury Duty’ Star James Marsden on Ronald’s Big Reveal & Keeping Antics Comedic

Crayen      interview      Comments Off on ‘Jury Duty’ Star James Marsden on Ronald’s Big Reveal & Keeping Antics Comedic

Jury Duty has reached a verdict and come clean to Ronald Gladden, the kind-hearted target of Amazon Freevee‘s hidden camera experiment. The unsuspecting everyday guy was shocked to discover that the case between a business owner and ex-employee was entirely fabricated, along with the rest of his jury members, the judge, the bailiff, and more.

Among the planted jury members was movie and television star James Marsden (Westworld, Dead to Me). Along the way, the actor has forced the jury to become sequestered for the case, clogged up toilets with faux feces, and leaned into the stereotypes of celebrity personalities for this grand ruse only to be faced with kindness from Ronald. So, what was it really like to serve jury duty for the Amazon Freevee series? Below, Marsden opens up about embracing a heightened persona and highlighting kindness.

You’re the reason the jury has to be sequestered, and then you don’t even participate in the sequester. How did it feel to play an antagonistic version of yourself?

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