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Aug 5th

Order “Hop” DVD & Blu-ray

Crayen      news      Comments Off on Order “Hop” DVD & Blu-ray

Universal Pictures has just released DVD and Blu-ray Disk of “Hop” both in Australia and Hong Kong. For me it’s really exciting to see the Hong Kong edtion contains Mandarin and Cantonese languages. There’re also two special edtions for Australian fans, a Triple Play Edtion (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) and a 2-Disc Limited Edtion including bonus games disc.

The DVD region codes for Hong Kong and Australian DVD are 3 and 4, and Blu-ray Disc region codes are A and B. More information about DVD region can be found here. But if you’ve got a region free DVD/Blu-ray player, there’s no need to worry about it.


Hong Kong Edtion DVD (Region 3) Order (Hong Kong title: 復活反斗王)
Hong Kong Edtion Blu-ray (Region A) Order
Limited offer: 首批DVD及BD隨碟附送Jelly Belly糖果一包及內附Jelly Belly優惠劵參與遊戲有機會贏取Jelly Belly金裝迷你糖豆機及糖果瓶一套.

Australian Edtion DVD (Region 4)Order
Australian Edtion Blu-ray (Region B) Order
Australian 2-Disc Limited Edition DVD (Region 4) Order
Australian Triple Play Edtion Blu-ray (Region B) Order

The DVD/BD will be released in UK and Italy in a few weeks as well. Now you can pre-order them on HMV, DVD.it or other online stores.


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