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Dec 1st

American actor James Marsden in Singapore to promote ‘Westworld’ season finale

Crayen      news      Comments Off on American actor James Marsden in Singapore to promote ‘Westworld’ season finale

James Marsden, who plays the role of Teddy Flood, a host with a dark past in HBO’s drama series, “Westworld,” is in Singapore to promote its highly anticipated season finale that airs on Dec. 5 at 10 a.m.

james-marsden Visiting Singapore for the first time, Marsden said, “I’m delighted to be visiting Asia, and Singapore is such a vibrant city with a great vibe. I am really thrilled to hear that ‘Westworld’ has been positively received by Asian audiences, and I am as excited as everyone else about ‘Westworld’s’ upcoming season finale. While I’m here, I also look forward to seeing and learning more about this beautiful part of the world.”

Marsden enjoyed some of Singapore’s local culinary delights including “laksa” – rice vermicelli with spicy coconut and chilli gravy; “sambal kangkong” – water spinach stir-fried with chilli; “char siu” – barbecued sweetened pork; roasted pork; chicken rice; and fried dumplings. He also found time to do some shopping along famous shopping street, Orchard Road.

The one-hour drama series “Westworld,” starring an ensemble cast including Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden, kicked off its 10-episode season premiere same time as the U.S. on Oct. 3 exclusively on HBO.

“Westworld” is a dark odyssey on the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin, exploring a world in which every human appetite, no matter how noble or depraved, can be indulged. The series was inspired by the 1973 motion picture of the same title.

The final episode airs same time as the U.S. with a same day primetime encore at 9 p.m., exclusively on HBO. Viewers can also watch the entire season of “Westworld” on HBO Signature from 10 a.m. on Dec. 24 and 25, as well as on HBO GO.

Source: Manila Bulletin


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