Welcome to JAMES MARSDEN FAN, your ultimate fan sourse for the talented and handsome American actor James Marsden. James is best known for his roles on X-Men movies, Superman Returns, Hairspray, Enchanted, 27 Dresses and TV series Ally McBeal. And he's currently starring in HBO's new TV series Westworld. Here you will find latest news, photos and videos of James. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to contact me if you've got any questions.

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Dec 10th

Photos from GQ Men of the Year Party added

Crayen      news ,photo      Comments Off on Photos from GQ Men of the Year Party added

Jimmy attended the 2016 GQ Men of the Year Party at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on December 8, 2016. I’ve uploaded 68 HQ photos to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2016 Appearances > [2016.12.08]GQ Men of the Year Party (HQ)
Public Appearances > 2016 Appearances > [2016.12.08]GQ and Dior Homme Host a Private Dinner in Celebration of the 2016 GQ Men of The Year party (HQ)

Dec 5th

‘Westworld’: 10 things to know about the show everyone’s talking about

Crayen      news      0 Comments

MANILA, Philippines – Everyone is talking about Westworld, the newest TV series that has the world in grips over its multi-layered, mysterious storyline.

The show has been compared to Game of Thrones in terms of its elaborate plot and the number of viewers it pulls in – not just by websites and critics, but by Warner Bros. Entertainment’s CEO, Kevin Tsujihara.

So what’s the deal with this show that’s barely even finished its first season? Here’s what you need to know:

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Dec 1st

American actor James Marsden in Singapore to promote ‘Westworld’ season finale

Crayen      news      0 Comments

James Marsden, who plays the role of Teddy Flood, a host with a dark past in HBO’s drama series, “Westworld,” is in Singapore to promote its highly anticipated season finale that airs on Dec. 5 at 10 a.m.

james-marsden Visiting Singapore for the first time, Marsden said, “I’m delighted to be visiting Asia, and Singapore is such a vibrant city with a great vibe. I am really thrilled to hear that ‘Westworld’ has been positively received by Asian audiences, and I am as excited as everyone else about ‘Westworld’s’ upcoming season finale. While I’m here, I also look forward to seeing and learning more about this beautiful part of the world.”

Marsden enjoyed some of Singapore’s local culinary delights including “laksa” – rice vermicelli with spicy coconut and chilli gravy; “sambal kangkong” – water spinach stir-fried with chilli; “char siu” – barbecued sweetened pork; roasted pork; chicken rice; and fried dumplings. He also found time to do some shopping along famous shopping street, Orchard Road.

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Nov 23rd

James Marsden joins the celebs here for Singapore International Film Festival

Crayen      news      0 Comments

James Marsden and Darren Aronofsky might have a lot of things going on for them (Marsden with Westworld and Aronofsky with Jackie) at the moment, but the two Americans are making time for a visit to Singapore this week. Now in its 27th year, the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF) will see a slew of celebrities gracing the red carpet at Marina Bay Sands. Apart from Marsden and Aronofsky, you’ll also get to see acclaimed talents such as Michelle Yeoh and Simon Yam. That is, if you’re lucky.

Successful in franchises such as X-Men, Superman Returns and rom-coms such as 27 Dresses, The Notebook and Enchanted, Marsden comes to us thanks to IWC Schaffhausen, who continues their official partnership with the festival. As the watch brand’s ambassador, Marsden will be attending the SGIFF Benefit Dinner.

Also attending this exclusive soiree is Aronofsky, who’s hot on the heels of the trailer releases of Jackie, which he’s producing. A name behind films such as Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan, the director and producer lends his craft to the Natalie Portman-led film about Jackie Kennedy and her life following the assassination of her husband and then president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. You’ll also get to pick his brains at the masterclass to be held in ArtScience Museum.

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Oct 15th

Photos from 2016 New Orleans Film Festival added

Crayen      news ,photo      Comments Off on Photos from 2016 New Orleans Film Festival added

Jimmy attended the New Orleans premiere of “LBJ” at The Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana on October 12, 2016. I’ve uploaded 12 HQ photos from this event to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2016 Appearances > [2016.10.12]2016 New Orleans Film Festival – “LBJ” Premiere (HQ)

Oct 8th

Enchanted 2 Brings Back Amy Adams, Gets Hairspray Director

Crayen      news      Comments Off on Enchanted 2 Brings Back Amy Adams, Gets Hairspray Director


Nearly nine years after it first hit theaters, Disney’s follow-up to Enchanted, titled Disenchaned, has finally found its director. Hairspray and Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman is in talks to direct the Enchanted sequel, which the studio has been developing since 2010. Original Enchaned star Amy Adams is expected to reprise her role as princess Giselle. Although it isn’t known if James Marsden or any of the other original cast members will be back for Enchanted 2.

The original Enchanted centered on Amy Adams’ Giselle, who is set to marry her Prince Charming (James Marsden) before she is taken from her animated fantasy world and thrust into our real world in New York City. There she meets a lawyer (Patrick Dempsey) who is about to marry a woman (Idina Menzel) who is completely wrong for him. The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Disenchanted will take place 10 years after the original movie, following Giselle as she questions her “happily ever after” life, which triggers events that disrupt everyone’s lives in both the real world and the fantasy land of Andalasia.

Disney first started developing Enchanted 2 in 2010, when The Proposal director Anne Fletcher came aboard, taking over for original Enchanted director Kevin Lima. The Smurfs and The Smurfs 2 writers J. David Stem and David N. Weiss came aboard to write the script in 2014, although it isn’t known if the studio has brought in other writers since then. Anne Fletcher was still attached to Enchanted 2 last year, when we reported that the sequel will now be entitled Disenchanted.

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Oct 2nd

The Tonight Show: James Marsden sings Kenny Rogers to ‘get the girl’

Crayen      news ,video      Comments Off on The Tonight Show: James Marsden sings Kenny Rogers to ‘get the girl’

James Marsden may have good looks and star appeal, but the actor took time on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Friday to express his anguish for the heartbroken men he plays on screen.

During a visit to the late-night talk show, Bachelor and Bachelorette host Chris Harrison described Nick Viall, the upcoming suitor for the reality series, as “the James Marsden of Bachelor’s.” Marsden has played a leading man countless times in his career, but the actor disagrees with his heartthrob status. “Oh I’m scared to ask what that means,” the actor joked. “Does it mean he has bad luck getting the girl?”

Causing the audience to sigh in support, which Marsden says “always feels nice,” the Hairspray star recalls most of his high-profile films ending with his character “not getting the girl.” He cites Hugh Jackman of the X-Men franchise and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook as the main culprits for keeping his characters single. Dimming the lights and pulling in the house band, Marsden expresses this sad truth through a rendition of Kenny Rogers hit “Lady.” “I sing to them. I serenade them,” delivered Marsden in a musical interlude. “But they always go with the Gosling.”

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Sep 29th

Photos from “Westworld” Premiere added

Crayen      news ,photo      Comments Off on Photos from “Westworld” Premiere added

Jimmy attended the premiere of HBO’s “Westworld” at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood yesterday. I’ve uploaded about 200 HQ photos to the gallery.

Public Appearances > 2016 Appearances > [2016.09.28]HBO’s “Westworld” Premiere (HQ)
Public Appearances > 2016 Appearances > [2016.09.28]HBO’s “Westworld” Premiere – After Party (HQ)

Sep 22nd

Westworld’s James Marsden on fulfilling a childhood fantasy in the new sci-fi

Crayen      interview ,news      Comments Off on Westworld’s James Marsden on fulfilling a childhood fantasy in the new sci-fi

James Marsden is living the cowboy dream, thanks to a starring role in SoHo’s sci-fi drama Westworld.

He plays Teddy Flood, a mysterious wanderer at a fantasy-fuelled, futuristic theme park populated by humanoid robots and where visitors can act out their wildest dreams.

The series, described as a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the future of sin, also stars Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton and Ed Harris.

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Sep 20th

James Marsden, the World’s Handsomest Man, is Back in “Westworld”

Crayen      interview ,news      Comments Off on James Marsden, the World’s Handsomest Man, is Back in “Westworld”


For one of GQ’s three October cover stories, we took a road trip from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara in a very handsome car (the Porsche 718 Boxster) to stay at a very handsome hotel (the San Ysidro Ranch) with a very handsome actor (James Marsden, the star of HBO’s new dystopian robot theme park drama Westworld). The purpose was twofold: to figure out why someone who should so clearly be a huge movie star isn’t just yet, and to have that dashing man show us how to wear a suit

How famous is James Marsden? He’s a movie star, sure, at least in the literal sense that he is a person who regularly stars in movies. He has all the required movie-star components: charm, talent, a face so obviously beautiful that he played a mutant who wears goggles to avoid blinding other X-Men with his piercing blue eyes. At this very moment, he looks like a movie star against the red interior of the Porsche he’s driving on the 101 Freeway. So far, though, Marsden’s gifts have not brought him full-blown movie stardom, but rather a long and lucrative career playing characters who look like movie stars but lose the girl or their lives to the movie’s actual star. Over his 22-year run—a surprisingly broad résumé of franchises (X-Men, Superman Returns), family blockbusters (Hop, Enchanted), love stories (27 Dresses, The Notebook), films about cooperative loft spaces used for murdering mistresses (The Loft), and genial self-mockery (30 Rock, Anchorman 2)—he has experienced this fate so often that he offers the insight that “if I’m in the movie and there’s another dude, we know how the movie ends.” James Marsden describes the act of Marsdening thus: “losing the girl to some other guy who’s got a little more charisma than him.”

Does this bum Marsden out? Shit no! “I should be working at the Dairy Queen,” he says, then mocks his Okie guilelessness with an “aw shucks” fist swing and a “Golly gee, I’m milquetoast!” But he’s right: How many people who grew up thrashing old cars in Oklahoma City are now behind the wheel of a Boxster 718 S, driving to the super-nice San Ysidro Ranch hotel in Santa Barbara?

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